Extra damper on 14.5" WSM



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I added an extra damper on the lid of my 14.5" WSM to get more airflow and higher temps. I order the damper from Ereplacementparts.com. The damper for the 18.5" WSM is the same size as the damper on my 14.5"WSM. Three dampers come in the kit. once the holes are drilled the new damper just screws in place. My first cook was beercan chicken with no water pan. For charcoal I used the new Kingsford lump briquettes. The temps started out too hot (450deg) but I was able to lower it to 400. It maintained high temps for the 1hr 30 min cook and the chicken was good even the skin.
I did this mod to my 18.5 and have been considering doing it on the little one to get more airflow.

Did you reach those temps with the water pan in place?
Looks like I didn't read your first post carefully enough, you did say that. Is your charcoal grate in the stock position or have you raised it?
I've never messed with my top vents. Only the bottom ones. But I do use my top vent to thread my thermometers thru, having an additional vent would be handy
I've been wanting to this mod for a while. Just can't get around to ordering the vent wheels. Glad to know it helps that much.