End caps for wheels on new OTG


W Tyler

TVWBB All-Star
I recently acquired a damaged (but very cheap) new copper OTG. Went through and straightened a couple of dents, now noticed that the end caps that hold the wheels in place were lost.

Are there any readily available substitutes for these caps in the big box stores?
Those are just pal nuts , I bet you could find them at a hardware store or Home Depot....just bring the axle with you. Good luck.
Thanks Frank.....I was trying to avoid disassembly because the legs are an extremely tight fit, but I can probably fit the kettle bottom and legs in the back set of my car. Thanks again.
Hey W. The ones you need are 3/8 Axel Nuts.
Home Depot and Lowes both sell them in the fastener section.
Neither seem to sell black plastic ones like Weber uses - but they usually have red, white, and metal ones.
Home depot's metal axel nuts are shaped like little top hats _|--|_ while lowes sells nickel plated ones like weber used in the 60s and early 70s (shaped like [-------])

Most restoration projects use the ones from lowes. They're 1.51 a piece.
Troy - perfect solution! I went to Home Depot and got a couple packs of their 3/8 axle nuts (a spare pair just in case). Easy install and really cheap (about 1.15/pr i believe). When my phone decides it wants to work correctly I'll post some pics of my cheap copper OTG.

Timothy - thanks for the link. I'll have to remember the set-screw collars for axles that are problematic.