Electric weber q

George Curtis

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Was at a store and they had 2 electric weber qs. The price was over 300.00 !
Do they really think they will sell them at that price ?

A Lee

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People on the market for electric ones are living in condos that don't allow gas or solid fuel. At that point there's not a lot of good options. The electric Q is basically the best option.

Used ones are usually pretty cheap around here. Used gas models sell for too much though.


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I have tried to sell a brand new one before. I got $120 shipped to Illinois. I don't think I netted $100 on the deal. I have two more sitting in my garage. Not even worth cleaning up to try to sell. They take forever to heat up but do OK once they do heat up. But, I MUCH prefer propane over electric.

I tried marketing the electric I sold to condos and apartment dwellers, but I got no bites. It seems to me that most around here don't even allow electric grills near the apartments or condos.

By the way, Weber makes a Q140/1400 and a Q240/2400 and I expect the one you saw was the Q2400 for $300 plus. I don't know their actual retail prices, but one of the ones I have, I bought at Home Depot in the middle of winter on year. It was a Q140 display model they were trying to unload and I picked it up for $65.00


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I used to have a 140. Honestly it did quite well. IT would get hot enough to put a decent sear on a steak

Richard in NS

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I agree with LMichaels, the Q140 that I rehabbed for my MIL works decent and she is happy with it. Much better than the kettle imitation electric she had before. Unfortunately she is scared of propane or I would have rehabbed her a Q120 or 220.

George Curtis

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If i need an electric grill i just use on of my farberware grills. Works fine. But i still would like to find 3 qs. A q1200, a charcoal q and an electric q. But im cheap so probably never will get them. My new toy is a 22 blackstone griddle. Way to much fun.