Egg Drop Soup



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Quick easy cheap. Pick three.

Chicken broth 4-6 cups
(Can, homemade, bouillon)
tsp-tbp sesame oil
tsp or so garlic
tsp or so ginger (opt.)
Green onion scallions cut
Corn starch 1 - 4 T. I do heavy for body
2 eggs beaten or not your preference
(I use one egg bit water and well
beaten. Others in house straight)

Heat broth/water, I have been using powder cause knorr makes this dish very cheap and no worries if you have enough cans or homemade, which I do happen to have but this is easy and very reasonable.

Add garlic and ginger
add cut scallions now or later
Add sesame oil now or at end
Mix corn starch in small bowl with a bit of water. Make a slurry.
When boiling, stir and add the corn starch slurry.
Turn heat down or off.
Add eggs. I stir the soup and add eggs though a mesh strainer.
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TVWBB Wizard
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TVWBB Wizard
The kickin chicken adds a bit of flavor. Optional of course. But I have a lot of it, and this seems to be one of the better uses for it.
Sometimes I add apple cider vinegar to my bowl. I am sure people here will have better ideas of what to add in. (In addition to noodles, rice, etc.) I bet people here could get this recipe not just kicked up a notch, but into a whole other category. The vinegar brings it a bit closer to hot and sour soup. Now with the great "leftover" pulled pork I bet we could do a mean version.

As a rule I add sesame oil at the end of cooking. In this recipe makes little difference. But when used to cook, it burns easily.
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