Dry Age Beef?



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Jamie, do you ever dry age beef to increase flavor? If so, how do you do it? Just let it sit in the fridge, uncovered, for something like a week? Does the dried beef on the outside need to be trimmed off or just cook it as is? Lastly, with what cuts of beef can this be done? Thanks for all your insights! Gratefully, Mickey.

Jamie Purviance

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I have not tried that yet. Based on the taste of the some of the meat I have at Chicago steakhouses that dry-age their beef in lockers where the temperature and humidity are careful controlled, I know it works amazingly well. I did a little Goodgle search and came up with this short piece from Fine Cooking magazine. It explains what you need to do. Note that your refrigerator must be below 40 degrees, so test that before you get started. Good luck.




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Thank you for your gracious reply, Jamie, and thanks especially for that link b/c the article succinctly explains "why" to do it and "how" to do it - including the "shave the edges" step I was concerned about. Really didn't mean for YOU to do that research though. Sorry. (But it puts that Cardinal Econ degree to good use, eh?)
I'm very tempted to try this b/c I have a mini-fridge that gets plenty cold (normally used for beer). If anyone has tried dry-aging beef at home, sure would be grateful for your experience with it and any tips! Thanks! -Mickey.