Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

Bob Correll

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Member Doug D posted this recipe in 2004.
It's been on my recipe bucket list since I joined.

One chunk of alder wood to start, added a couple of small hickory pieces later.

90 minutes later:

Had enough heat left for my son's grilled fish.
No sense wasting a fire and a dirty pan.

My changes were,
5 oz. sour cream, no pine nuts, 1 large clove garlic instead of powder, and diced onion instead of flakes.
Plus I added one TBS. of horseradish sauce.

Time to try out the dip.
Started with these:

Also browned some short ribs for tonight's supper:

Used my Mother-in-law's recipe for short ribs in a sweet/sour tomato sauce.

Back to lunch:

I'm still picking 'shrooms out of my stache

All I can say is Thank You Doug!
and thanks to all for putting up with my long post.

Jim Lampe

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that's IT!

Doug's Dip has been on my BLtoo! butt i haven't done it ye..., well...

Bob, Great work on the Dip! Fish Looks AWESWIM2!
+ I'd ? to sit down to a platter of those short ribs!

GreatCookin'Buddy + I dig your new sig....


Just absolutely amazing classical cooking, Bob. As always. I apologize for my absence . I watched, but did not comment, but I'm in the picture. My teacher. I saw all wonderful posts from you, of course, Bob, all have been, are and will be amazing. We are far away from you, but many thanks for everything...

Gary H. NJ

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Hoo boy, plenty of good stuff there. Love the short ribs especially. Don't worry about the longish post -- a great story.


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<oh man whatta post! Love the pics and food Bob! The dip will be tryed out this weekend. Thanks for the reminder.

Jon Des.

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Great post Bob! I can't believe you never tried the DSMP before. I've been making it since long before I started posting on here, with much the same changes that you made. I also add a tiny amount of minced garlic and some white pepper. Just whir everything up in the Cuisinart and pour it into a bowl. If you enjoyed it today, you'll like it even more tomorrow.

P.S. I grabbed a few packs of baby portabellas on sale and ended up smoking and freezing them. I'll report back if it works.