Does HeaterMeter increase theoretical max temp of kamado cooking?



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I've been looking into getting a small pizza oven for the back patio, but every time I go to pull the trigger I think to myself "My kamado could probably get hot enough with the HeaterMeter." But then I never bother to look into it more. So here I am!

Kamados can already get pretty close to the 905f temp you need for a Neapolitan-style pizza to cook at. Hitting around 750f on their own. I imagine that with fan-fed air from the HeaterMeter the max temp would also increase??? Does anyone know for sure how hot you can get a kamado using a HeaterMeter? Does anyone know of any sensors that would be able to read that high of temps or would I be relying on a heat gun at this point? Curious if anyone has tried Neapolitan pizza on their kamado with the help of their HeaterMeter.

Or is my thinking all off and I should just go back to looking into getting the pizza oven?


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@Brett-EDH uses a steel plate on his summit kamado and get's the temp way, up.

I've had my BGE well above 750, and to the point they suggest removing the thermometer so it doesn't get damaged.

I'm not sure a fan will help. The inflow of air without a fan is ALOT when going nuclear.


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Hahaha. I incinerated a pizza in 90 seconds on my 3/8” steel plate. This was before I bought the laser gun temp reader. Literally, the entire bottom was burned. Black carbon

I’ve since moderated temps so the top and bottom cooks more evenly. But as you say, true Neo pizza is a very fast cook due to the very high dough hydration which is key to not burning your Neo pizza.

Ask away. I’ll share my failures and successes.