Do you still love what you do?


Ben A Hillis

TVWBB Member
After all these year of making great BBQ, and starting your own restaurant, have you gotten "burned out" that it just feels like work, or do you truly love what you do?
I think I answered something like this before? but here's my answer... I am so passionate about everything barbecue that I eat drink sleep barbecue. I have every barbecue book ever written. I have tried almost every barbecue recipe ever created and in a cookbook. I have traveled the country for 45 years stopping in every BBQ Joint I could find. I have mixed up millions and milllions of gallons of sauce. I have smoked up millions and millions of pounds of pork, beef, and chicken. All my hands are stained the color red. Every shoe I own is splattered with BBQ sauce. If you cut me BBQ sauce will run out. All my clothes smell like smoke. Barbecue if is my living and my life. When I walk into any group of people anywhere in America I know there are very few people in that room that know more about barbecue than I do or sell more pounds of barbecue on a daily basis than I do. Being "burned out" on barbecue actually sounds good to me as this is a positive statement to someone who lives for smoke! Rib-O-Liciously Yours "Famous Dave"