Different Cole Slaw


Bob Bailey

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I usually do a creamy slaw that's popular with friends and family, but have been thinking it isn't the best style for pulled pork sammiches. Was browsing and found a mustardy recipe and the one I've attached here. Went with this one, primarily, because it's different. Made it yesterday afternoon and tasted this morning. I like it and think it'll be a better condiment for the pork. will see what the small crowd we'll be serving tomorrow thinks about it.


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Bob Bailey

TVWBB Super Fan
It was a hit. My wife loves my creamy slaw, but says this one is better. I think it will be a staple with pulled pork, but not totally replace the creamy recipe.

Rich Dahl

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I like the looks of it. Like to hear the response to it and thanks for sharing it.

Edit: Didn't see your response Bob, I made a copy of it also.