Defrosted Steaks Easy Peasy


Bill Schultz

TVWBB Hall of Fame
So had some thin cut boneless Rib Eye and some Chuck Eye needing to be cooked in the freezer. Marinated the Rib Eyes in Teriyaki and A1 Steak Sauce and the Chuck Eyes got rubbed up with Montreal Steak. Also broke out the Old Surveyors/Old Cops Butcher Knife just cause I like it.


The Ribeyes and Chuckeyes on indirect until 100, thin ribs done first on for a sear


Chucks on the sear and done, tonights brewski also kaput


Your plate with a piece of each steak and some nice wine and some good bread, enjoy

Great looking meal, Bill! I tried jamming the beer bottle neck on the handle of Julie and Alex's grill: wouldn't fit...
I do like that beef machete!