Custom Weber


BG Pace

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Hey guys finally figured the whole picture thing out wanted to share a couple pictures of my custom weber


Firing both up


Dinner a couple nights ago Baby backs and roasted hatch peppers


Finished product


Here's my custom cover

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Wow, very you have a large family? Thats lots of cooking! Be great for a football party, I'd bet.
That thing is a beast! With the handle configuration it looks like you need six pallbearers to move it around.
I like how you roll BG! Nice on the half lap joints. I see what looks like a bottle opener on the upper left side, but what is those two black thingys on the upper front side?

Brian- No I couldnt find a cover anywhere cart is 78" long longest cover I found was 68" luckily I work for a sign company and got one made out of banner material I'll post a picture later

Timothy- Good eye on the joints, the black things are actually water bottle holders for bicycle but they hold a beer with a coozie on it awfully well

Chad- Thanks the handles are actually more for looks I used 12" pneumatic casters it rolls on grass like its ice
Each grill even has it own separate grate cleaner!! Separate but equal. Nice "rig".:D Of course, the grass doesn't seem to get along too well with the grill :eek::eek: )))):::::::::::::::>> d
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Nice set up BG (Big Grill).. That sucker looks like it could take a Beating! I bet you could put a hitch on that and hook her up to the back of ur truck and take it anywhere!

Great looking setup!