Crafted Frame with Cheap 14" Walmart Wok


Mack Manning

Wife wanted stir-fry, so I took the opportunity to try my new Crafted frame on my older 435 and my $7 14" flat bottom Walmart wok.

The good:
The wok nestled perfectly in the frame, with the flat bottom just touching the flavorizer bar of the sear burner.
I could quickly change the heat on the thin wok using the sear burner and neighboring burners.
Wife and mother-in-law loved my first attempt at an Asian veggie stir fry (with Italian sausage, because why not?!)

The bad:
The heat coming up and around the wok blackened the helper handle and made the long main handle too hot to hold without gloves. My bulky and slippery silicone grill gloves didn't allow a good grip on the slick round handle for tossing and some veggies were sacrificed to the fire. Leather welding gloves would have been better, but I was too busy cooking to hunt for them.

The heat coming around the front of the wok was enough to singe my arm hair. I think this would be the same with the Weber wok at high heat. To be comfortable, you'll want long gloves or long tools.

The 2022 435 grates have the crossbars closer to the center, and the Crafted frame is made for those. So, pre-2022 400 series grates don't fit into the Crafted frame. This is why Weber says pre-2022 grills require new grates in addition to the frame. So, I will store the frame with my other grill junk.