Country Style Ribs


Greg in Utah

I don’t stumble across these all that often. It’s a great cut of meat. Looks to be a shoulder that met a band saw.

Same tasty piggy 🐷 as a pork butt or pork steak, This pic is after the first hour and a spritz of apple juice + apple cider vinegar. Rub is just me throwing the basics on it, SPOG and paprika.

I’m doing these in my newest kettle with a slow and sear. It’s been solid at 245 - 255 without any tweaking,

More later.


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Reminds me to pull a pack out of the freezer.;)
Pretty common around here, you either get em shoulder cut or loin cut.
Yours look like the first, loin cut you treat like a thick pork chop.
You gonna wrap and braise them with sauce or just go neked?

Jeff Boudman

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Any time butts are on sale country style ribs are on sale here. They turn out very well regardless of how you cook them.
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Greg in Utah

Funny story - When I had my tonsils taken out as a kid they fed us these ribs in the hospital. I liked them .

How many people look back fondly at hospital food?

Ryan Burke

how long was your cook time for them? I love country ribs but the wife wont eat them. Says they are too fatty.