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What do you do for TV, News, & Movies?

I have Netflix w/ DVDs by mail, Hulu w/ no ads...............and now I just added Hulu Live.

Hulu + Hulu Live seems good so far, easier to find news & I've found myself watching more programs on Telemundo (La reina del sur).

The DVR seems decent, being cloud based not local. Also, seems like I can click on a program that's playing live, & start at the beginning. I only updated to live a little over a week ago but it seems good so far.


Playstation Vue & Amazon Prime. 2 Roku boxes, 2 Amazon Fire TV boxes, plus 1 Amazon Fire TV Stick for when I'm stuck in a hotel, and a Tablo tuner for my local stations that aren't on PS Vue.


Amazon, Netflix are the two things I’m subscribed to. Occasionally I watch some sports through Reddit streams.


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OTA antenna for local stuff, Prime and occasionally Netflix or Hulu. Doesn't take long to run out of things that interest us on Netflix or Hulu, suspend the service/s at that point for a while.


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I tried Cord Cutting but could not survive without my Cubs and Sox and trying to find a way to get the games would have been more costly than just giving up and buying cable

Dustin Dorsey

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We've got an antenna for locals. Sling for most of our cable channels, and netflix, and hulu. We got HBO Now for Game of Thrones and then cancelled when each season ended. It's a pan in the ***, but we really had to cut expenses while my wife was in school and cable costs were going up and up with no additional benefit. I think there will be a point we are getting so nickled and dimed to death we'll miss cable, but for right now not having it is great.


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Ota antenna hooked to a Tablo dual dvr. 2 roku's, Netflix & Hulu. For me, it's reeeaal easy to spend hours down the YouTube rabbit hole.


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that tablo looks interesting. I have a couple 4 tuner Happuage cards, the guide is lacking is my reception. I have a couple antennas I want to put in the attic but I haven't yet.

Lynn Dollar

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I have antenna in the attic, Tablo Dual Lite, Sling ......... and I get everything we need. I cut cord a couple years ago and I'm amazed at how much OTA we watch. I also watch a lot of YouTube, more than I ever thought.

Almost all of my OU Sooners football is OTA. There was only two games on ESPN only last year.

BTW, I'm pretty sure the Tablo Dual Lite is on sale right now, for $99 .

Tim K

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We ditched Directv about 3 months ago. We started with Hulu live, but have recently made the switch to YouTubeTv. I find that it’s easier to navigate and I like the “guide” (where you go to scroll through all the channels) a lot better on YouTube Tv. The way we look at it, we’re not committed to anything, so if after a month or two we want to try something else, we will, as we’re saving a ton either way.
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That's the best thing about cord cutting. You're not locked into a contract. So at some point, I could put Netflix on hold and sign up for HBO for a few months. I haven't done that yet because there's a lot of good content on Netflix.


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Cubs are locked down pretty tight. Next year they're going to their own network. So then I will have to see what Comcast does. If they don't pick it up I will end up dropping Comcast as baseball games are the only reason I have them. And if the Cubs lock down their network I will cease being a Cubs fan as well. I am funny that way. They've been my lifelong "team" but screw me and I am done

Kevin L (NKY)

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How much are you saving by purchasing all of these other boxes and equipment. As I am only paying 65 a month I do have HBO but I do not really miss it.

Lynn Dollar

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I was paying Dish Network $140 a month

Right now, I'm paying Sling $60 per month and that's every channel they offer except the movie channels like HBO etc. And this is the most I've paid for streaming service. Its been more like $40 to $50 , not counting the free months and low price introductory deals. Like DirectV Now was $10 month for 3 months.

I bought a Tablo Dual Lite on sale for $99. Did not have to have it. It just makes watching OTA friendlier, I can record OTA programs.

I bought a Channel Master outdoor antenna to hang in the attic, for $45.

I have four streaming devices, two Roku and two Amazon Fire. Price average on those was probably $40 each.

So I have roughly $300 in equipment and when I first cut the cord I was saving around $100 per month. So it took three months to pay for the equip.

And i don't include the cost of an internet connection, I would have that anyway. My old cheap router was working fine, but it went out. So I upgraded to a Netscape Nighthawk for $100.

We don't do Netflix or Hulu. I don't watch movies and Mrs Dollar just needs The Hallmark Channel and she's happy as she can be, especially since Sling has three Hallmark channels :)

And oh yeah, we do have Amazon Prime, which I find something there to watch, occasionally.
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Bob Correll

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We're paying $196 a month for Spectrum/Charter cable, before we had Dish, and AT&T land lines with internet, and paying nearly $300 total.
Our package is TV, fast internet, and VoIP, phone needed for my pacemaker checks.
We get local stations, but as far as cable programs it's pretty much HGTV for her, and Cardinals games for both of us. We have Prime, and Netflix, son uses our Prime, and we use his Netflix.
We rarely watch movies. Can't wait for season 3 of Ozark on Netflix though!

Cord cutting is starting to hurt cable and dish companies. If they were smart, they would offer packages of only what folks want to watch and are willing to pay for, not 100's of channels of garbage.

Mike Willis

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OK, a real dinosaur OTA television, no satellite, no cable, no streaming unless I hook up my Macbook to our 2002 JVC crt television. What we do is borrow dvds from the library or load up one of our bought dvds. Someday when the old crt television gives it up we'll get a flat screen which will help us get some streaming shows. The only time I hook up the Macbook to the tv is when the Cardinals games are the free game of the day on MLB tv!