Cleanup on Aisle 5...

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Some housekeeping notes...I have:

  • Deleted the Musings from the Moderator forum and moved its posts to the Just Conversation forum.
  • Deleted the Healthy Grilling forum and moved its posts to the Grilling forum.
  • Deleted the Weber GrillFest I, TVWBB GrillFest 2, and TVWBB GrillFest 3 forums and all their posts.
  • Deleted the Polls forum and all its posts.
  • Consolidated old WSM Smoke Day posts into a single forum called Past WSM Smoke Days 8-13.
  • Moved the closed Challenge Pit forum to the Other Discussion section.
Changes I am considering:

  • Making the Competition Barbecue forum a subforum of the Barbecuing forum.
  • Merging the 14.5", 18.5", 22.5" WSM forum and the WSM Modifications forum.
Comments are appreciated about merging the two WSM forums if you have a strong opinion one way or the other.


Pat G

TVWBB Gold Member
When you finish head on over to my house and you can help me clean up the garage.:p

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Just when I was getting this all figured out. Well it needed to be done I'm sure. Should make it easier to move around now.

Dustin Flavell

I don’t mind the idea of merging the WSM forums into one. When I log in I go to the kettle forum first and then work my way up through all 3 WSM forums. One less click :)


TVWBB Wizard
I have no complaints with your logic. Call me stupid, but not until recently did I learn to click the "New Posts" link upon each first visit.

Phil Perrin

TVWBB Honor Circle
Let me know when you get over to the east coast, I too could use some help in the garage! I'll cook you a burger!
And the changes sound well thought out. Keep up the good work!

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Okay Chris, it looks like you are booked for a cross country garage cleaning tour, the Mexican butcher has not opened yet so, you can schedule the Midwest leg of the tour might be good in spring for me. I can test products and we will dine well, shouldn’t take more than a day(or two) maybe a bottle of bourbon, a case of beer or several bottles of wine? Half a hog should feed us, no?