Cleaning After Using "Grill Grates"

Richard Garcia

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How often do you clean your main Weber charcoal grill which is under the "Grill Grates" from the Grill Grate Company? I have the custom Grill Grates which cover around 80% of my Weber Smoky Joe's Main Grill and only the part of the main grill which is not covered by the Grill Grates become somewhat greasy and a little dirty after each cook. I have been cleaning my main grill after each grilling session when using the "Grill Grates" on-top and now wondering if this is necessary.
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I don't have grill grates but I know what they are. I personally wouldnt bother cleaning the grates under them after every use. Just check them every so often and clean them up as needed. The grates underneath probably get much more heat with the Grill Grates holding the heat in below them and that heat will likely burn off a lot of gunk and grease as you use the grill.