Chuck Steak in the Garage



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Got a good deal on a CAB choice chuck steak. It was about an inch thick. I didn't want a tomato based or BBQ style marinade. Found a recipe in "La Cocina de la Frontera" by James Peyton that looked like it would work. So the steak went into a Ziplock for 24 hours with this: 3 cloves minced garlic, 1/4 cup lime juice, 1/4 cup pineapple juice, 1/4 cup chopped chipotle in adobo, 3 tbs tequila, 1/4 cup olive oil & 1/2 tsp salt.


Unfortunately, it had been raining & wasn't going to stop anytime soon. Was afraid to wait a day to cook - figured the lime & pineapple juice in the marinade might turn the chuck to mush.
Decided the garage was the best place to cook. So with 3 fans running to push the smoke outside, I fired the chimney with a full load of KBB. Hoped that lighting it near the floor wouldn't start the door on fire.


Dumped the lit briquettes on top of 3 big chunks of mesquite, added some more mesquite chunks, the 'taters & placed the steak on the cool side of the grill.


Let everything get cozy for a while.


After a bit... included some knob onions.


Reverse seared the steak when the IT hit 125*.


Let it rest while the onions & reds cooked a bit longer.



Time To Eat!!!


It was good! The steak was nice & tender. Great beefy taste to it. Would def do it again. Hopefully - not in the garage, though.

Oh... & the obligatory sliced close-up pic:

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Bill Schultz

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Beautiful Rob, never cooked chuck steak like that. Always a low and slow but you have inspired me it looks real good


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Everyone... thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated.

Ha! I'm that Jeep's mid-life crisis.

I knew that jeep was serious, but I didn't expect *that* serious..... several of my family and friends were into jeeps & 4x4 many years ago. I didn't see anything that serious but I got to go a few times.


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... the Jeep is lots of fun. We go out for 4 -6 days at a time. Sometimes longer.
& I've hijacked my cook thread! :p

Robert T

Way to be a trooper in the storm. Great looking steak. And I love that marinade. Thanks for sharing! I will have to write it down to use. I love those flavors with beef.