Chicken wings and mini Italian sausages


James J

Chicken wings marinated in Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet Chill Sauce and some mini Italian Sausages.


Vortex was a little over half full and running at about 500°. After 20 minutes I added some mini sweet peppers.


Another 20 minutes it was ready and plated.


A special shout out to Lynn Dollar who I reached out to a few weeks ago about his Keto diet and recipes and website suggestions!
I’m trying to work it into my barbecue Lynn!
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James J

Tell me more about these mini Italian Sausages, I am not familar with them.
Saw them for the first time the other day at Jewel (an Albertsons company) here in the Midwest. They were in the case next to the regular size ones. Thought they were unique, so I bought them. I guess it really just saved me from cutting a whole one in pieces! It fit the theme with the mini sweet peppers too!