Chicken Breast?


Greg C

TVWBB Member
I had a great Easter Chicken Smoke (high temp) and explained to my wife how these pieces (thighs and legs) work so well due to the type of meat that they are. We are doing chicken for the family again this weekend and have been requested to add chicken breast to the mix.

I have told her that my concern is that the breast will be on too long and my basting and brushing takes awhile (brush bottom, top, top again).

Any suggestions

Craig A

I buy whole fryer chickens, cut out the backbone, and cut through the breastbone to create chicken halves.

Arrange them on the grate as described by Gary Wiviott in the below recipe. This will help keep the breast from overcooking because the thin part of the breast is protected by the dark meat.

I usually pull the chicken off just before it's done (150-155 in the joint). I seperate the leg/thigh from the breast/wing with a knife and usually the area where they connect is still a bit undercooked. I put them back on the grill with the freshly cut sides down, and the undercooked area towards the outside of the WSM. The outside of the WSM grate tends to be hotter, because the water bowl blocks heat in the middle. Whereas earlier the middle of the grate was full, now I have a ring of chicken on the outside of the grate. I pull pieces off as they finish.

I have cooked this way several times, the chicken is always juicy and never overcooked. My guests think I actually know how to cook.