Cast iron skillet recommendations


Joe T Gomez

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I have a 12”& 8” lodge I use mine on wsm cook everything in them


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I have been using my carbon steel pans more and more often in lieu of cast iron lately. My lodge carbon steel pan came from the factory with a better finish than my cast iron pans did, meaning it was a little less work to get the seasoning I wanted. Still love my cast iron though. It does what it does so well, so I just keep using it.
same here, though I do love cast iron alot....I like the fact that carbon steel reacts faster to heat changes and I find that once the coating builds up it cooks eggs the best....

My pan of choice is de buyer omelette pan, my cast iron is old old old, not sure who actually made it as it is not stamped however it was machined smooth like a griswold and usa made stamp on back

I know some people who have transformed lodge cast iron skillets to smooth by polishing them say do not polish them to a mirror like finish, the carbon build up with not stick well to it

none of my pans see soap, just really hot water immediately after use and then dried on a burner