Carnival Kabobs


Kaz S

If u wanna cook a piece of chicken on a stick so good that people would pay over $5 a stick or wanna cook those shish kabobs just like they do in a concession trailer at the fair then this recipe is for you!

I've been making these for a few years and always get compliments. My dad calls them monkey meat because that's what they called em as kids.


5 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs
Large re-sealable plastic bag
12 oz jar of apricot preserves
1 cup soy sauce
2 minced garlic cloves
1 Tbl fresh ginger, minced
or 1 tsp ginger powder
1 Tbl onion powder
2 tsp cayenne pepper

Thoroughly clean & rinse chicken, pat dry and place in bag. Mix the remaining ingredients in medium sized mixing bowl. Pour over chicken and refridgerate at least 3 hours or overnight.

Preheat grill to medium heat. Remove chicken from bag, thread the thighs onto wooden bamboo skewers. Grill for 25 min or until juices run clear.

Approx 8 servings






# I can usually only find 18 oz jars of apricot preserves so I use 2/3 and usually use the other 1/3 in a bbq sauce for ribs.
# You can soak the bamboo in water if you don't want the sticks to burn as much, but I usually don't bother.
# you can cut the thighs up into bit size pieces if you wish, but I like mine extra meaty so I don't
# you can baste with the leftover marinade for the first 15 min but stop after the chicken is halfway done.
# I usually use my gas grill cooking direct on the lowest setting, cooking for about 25-30 min its has a lot of sugar from the preserves so it can char easily.
# They are great and you may never eat kabobs from the fair again after you make em yourself!

Used this recipe over the weekend and they were great! I basted the whole time during the cooking. Easy to get them burnt with the preserves, but with some moving closer and fartehr from the heat, that is pretty easily managed. I did them on 3 long skewers, about 10 thighs per skewer. Great recipe, and super simple.
Wow! Those look great and the ingredients in the recipe are just up my alley. I will be giving this a try for sure.
Made these kabobs over the weekend.

Turned out great and people raved about 'em.

Next time increasing the heat and making more.
Thank you for this recipe. We just had them for lunch. OUTSTANDING. Salty and sweet and delicious. Simple recipe where I don't have to buy a bunch of wild ingredients just for one recipe. I only had to buy the apricot preserves.
I did these a couple weeks ago to rave reviews - had the first clone attempt show up at an impromtu pool party last night where a friend's wife brought her interpretation - she forgot the ginger though! & she also went BSCBs instead of thighs.

Good stuff.
Made these last night and the were a hit and the wife really liked them. She cooked up some stir fry rice and lo mein noodles to go with them and it was great combo. Will be making them again when the rest of the family comes in for the holidays. Thanks for posting the recipe.
These were fantastic. I cut the thighs in half. Marinaded and skewered them. Also. I keep 12" skewers in a tall Evian water bottle, so they are always soaked. Everyone loved them, personally I think I used a little too much ginger. ( I used more than the recipe called for )
Well, some of you know one of my favorite sayings, "better late than never" lol

DH made these last night for dinner. He marinated the thighs overnight, then grilled them in a grill pan on the stove. We did not have the apricot preserves, so used orange marmalade instead. We both thought they were good. Thanks Kaz!!!
I haven’t made these in ages, but I made them tonight. Delicious and easy. Key is to grill them low temp for 90% of the time. If you haven’t tried these, then give them a go.
Randy, thanks for the reminder. I've been wanting to try these again but with the Apricot Preserves.