Canning Supplies shortage?


Phil S

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Every fall canning supplies become hard to find and it seems to be especially true this year. Apparently more people planted gardens this year and as a result canning jars and lids are getting impossible to find. I bought 2 gross of wide mouth lids on Amazon this morning and they said there's only 1 left. Nearly $1 each is robbery but there are none to be found locally.

We'll keep a few dozen and pass the rest out to friends and family


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Hell just try finding parchment paper. Let alone flour and yeast. Though that is starting to loosen up a little

Dustin Dorsey

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My wife is into canning and had the same problem. She just showed up with a few cases of jars, though so I guess they are getting better.


Shoot, on Sunday morning, while filling up w/ gas in Pellston, MI, a couple came out of the gas station with a case of jars. Gotta love small towns.


This whole mess has done wonders for our supply chain. There are different problems depending on which end of the supply chain is affected.
Kids don't go to school, dairy's that supply the milk to schools have to throw it away.
Meat packing plants have to close due to outbreaks. There's a shortage of pork. Butts have just now started to show up in the store. (THIS is zombie apocalypse time in NC.)
Lumber companies shut down due to not being "essential". Construction companies continue to work leading to material shortages and price increases.
I never thought I would see empty shelves at Wally World. I'm not just talking about Toilet Paper.

Fun times.


I was able to find canning supplies locally by shopping at the more unpopular grocery stores. In my area, there are 8 grocery stores and two are somewhat unpopular (Stop and Shop, Shaw's). It was a challenge finding where they put the canning stuff in each store. At one store, it was on the top shelf (above my head, I'm 6') in the aisle with soda/energy drinks. In another store, it was in the aisle with frozen food/ice cream. Frequently store associates have no clue where the stuff is.

Bob Bailey

Still bad this year. Managed to find a case of jars here and there, but usually no selection. Looked for 1/2 gallon wide mouths for months and any we found were upwards of $4 each. Walked down the canning aisle in Walmart last week and fond a lone case of 6 for <$12. You just gotta snap up anything you see.