Can’t upload photos from iphone



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We’re you able to put your photo below your text? Or did the photo insert above your text?

Yeah still can’t get photos to load right. Who knows.
I thought it was me not being able to post text under a photo. So as the picture is loading up I started taping under the photo sometimes it will let me post a text under the photo and sometimes it won’t. I hope this helps.

Jim Lampe

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Well here’s another glitch. I have tried the smaller sizes. Only problem with that is it now rotates the image 90° so it’s sideways. So if anyone wants to lol at my photos they’ll have to turn their computer screens 90°. Ughh.

Yep tried that too.

This is the only forum that uses the this platform that I’m having these issues with .
After you notice your photo on its side, go back to your phone, edit the photo to rotate it. THEN: go back and reset the photo, then try reposting it.
I know, pain in the ***, but it works/worked for me.

Chris Allingham

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Not saying this is CaseT's problem, but I know with the iPhone that you really have to pay close attention to the orientation of the 1x 2x OR .5x 1x 2x OR .5x 1x 3x indicator on the screen (depending on your iPhone model), it's showing you the orientation of the camera. If you're holding the phone in landscape orientation but the numbers are reading in portrait orientation, you're going to take a photo turned 90*. You've got to give the phone a flip to the left or right to get the phone's sensors to determine the correct orientation.