Cajun Bandit 22.5" door help

Russell S

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Does the CB door line up flush with the opening in the WSM? My recently order door has a half inch gap between the bottom of the door and the WSM...allowing air to exit the cooker. Furthermore the curvature of the door is not consistent throughout the design of the door....basically smoke pours out the few times I've cooked recently. Is this a common problem? And what is the easiest solution? Gasket kit? I have reached out to CB to inquire about a replacement door.

*I would post pics but don't know how*


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I ordered one and decided to keep using my weber door on my 18.5. It fit much better. Mine wasn't curved symmetrical and the first time I clamped the door shut with the latch it cracked and flaked off the finish of the main body down at the bottom of the door. The step in the door wasn't deep enough and it put too much pressure on the main smoker body.


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I got one for my 22.5"wsm too, but didn't have that problem. I did however get a compression latch to get ut to fit tighter.


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I think every WSM is unique. Mine leaks a little at the top even with the gasket. I've been bending the edges in a little bit at a time, I'll just keep working the metal til I get it just right!

Bob Ivey

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Had to bend mine a little but had already installed the nomex gasket before the CB door. Also installed the compression latch. Love this Mod.

Dustin Dorsey

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I had to bend mine a little. I also installed the compression latch when you had to order is separately and widen the hole. I think I bent the door pressing to hard with a crappy bit to drill the hole. I've also got the nomex gaskets. I've got no leaks around the door or lid. Typically the door is too flat. You need to grab it by the straight ends and squeeze. Go a little past where you want it and it should be fine. With the latch it will probably seal well enough without the gaskets. I think it helps with the low end temps. I feel like if you install the gaskets, etc. you lose some of the top end. I have a hard time keeping temps like 350 without using a skewer to raise the lid.

Charles H.

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Thanks for this thread, every once in a while I would think about getting a CB door, but this thread has finally put that thought to bed for good.
For the price they charge the doors should fit perfectly.