Butt by Brisket


Todd NC

There's been a number of posts regarding "brisket over butt" or "butt over brisket". I decided to do a butt BY brisket today....corned beef brisket, that is. I bought one of these a couple of weeks back at the local Wally World, and today being my last day of a long weekend I thought I would fire up the 22" WSM and smoke it along side a pork butt while doing some long overdue yard work. Smoked at 250 (give or take 10 degrees here and there) with a couple of chunks of hickory and a couple of chunks of cherry. Some of my last smokes were a little "over smokey" so I held back on the wood a little bit. Here we go:

8.5# butt seasoned with Harry Soo's all-purpose championship rub (thanks to Chris Allingham for calling out the reduced shipping at SoupBase). I think I'll go heavier next time


Corned beef brisket flat seasoned only with coarsely ground black pepper after soaking overnight in water

Took the corned beef to about 185 and then wrapped in foil. This was right before wrapping

And the butt at the same time

I took the corned beef to about 195-200 or so then moved to a 170 degree oven to hold it for a while. Here's the slice and I ain't saying' it's my smoking ability, but doing a corned beef this way was the best corned beef I've ever had....seriously, you've got to do this

The butt went to about 200 or so before being tender to my liking

The chop

And the plate

I'm happy with today's cook. Great flavor in both the corned beef and the butt. That Harry Soo rub is some good stuff (thanks again, Chris). Can't wait to try the chicken and beef rubs. Hope everyone had a great Easter and thanks for looking.