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I have not been there. Can you guide me off either route 30 or route 222.


I will give that BJs a try. The York selection was rather slim.

Brian A
Brian, wether you are going 30 east or 30 west you make a left at the traffic light at the end of the off ramp. That's centerville rd. You cross the RR tracks and BJ'S is about a 1/4 mile after the RR tracks on the right. Very easy to find,
Bryan and Brian,

Coming up 30 from York, exit at the Millersville/Rohrerstown/route 741 the top of the ramp, make a right on to 741. You will travel about 5 miles to the intersection of 741 and 999 (If you get lost follow the signs to Millersville University) At the intersection turn right, go about a mile and John Herr's market is on the right.They have a big red electronic sign you can't miss.

Good luck.........
Thanks Bryan and Phil,

I should be familiar with Millersville ... I attended football camp there for about 10 summers. Gene Carpenter was the head coach them.

Brian A
Greg R said to trim the point from the packer when you are getting ready to foil it. What's the reasoning? Does the point get to dried out during the cook?
No, you don't have to trim it. The point has a lot of fat in it. Usually I'll trim the fat out and then put the meat back on the smoker for a few more hours...or more...then saue um up and chop um. I like it!
Michael, No the flat will dry out if you leave them together IMO. The flat gets done before the point due to the thickness and amount of fat in the point. Bryan
Back to the original few posts....I seem to only find flats at my local Sam's too, but if I go to Walmart I can get those great Excel packer cuts. Go figger.
I stopped into Harry's Farmers Market in Atlanta Friday lookin for a Brisket. I've been wanting to try one but haven't been able to find them. At $5.59/lb for what looked like 5 lb flats I decided to hold off on experimenting. Looks like it's going to be Turkey breast and ribs tomorrow.
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