Jim Minion

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I got this recipe from Matt Evans

The seasonings are largely North African. Understand that this recipe will not give you the salami-like bresaola sold at Italian markets, but more of an aged-beef product.


1 whole beef tenderloin, trimmed
2.5 T brown sugar
1 T black peppercorns, toasted and ground
0.5 t thyme
0.5 t ground ginger
0.5 t ground allspice
0.5 t mace
0.5 t corriander seeds, toasted and ground
0.25 t cumin seeds, toasted and ground
0.25 t ground cloves
3 cardamom seeds, crushed
6 dried tabasco chilies, toasted, seeded, and ground
4 t salt

Mix all ingredients except salt -- massage entire mixture into meat. Place tenderloin on a rack above a sheet pan in the refrigerator -- do not cover.

Age meat in refrigerator 7 or 8 days, then rub salt onto tenderloin. Return to refrigerator for up to 48 hours. Grill whole tenderloin only until very rare (125*F).

After grilling refrigerate till cold, carve thinly. Serve as sandwiches with yeast rolls, fresh horseradish sauce and red onion -- shave some Asiago, too, if you'd like.

1. You can use 3 dried cayenne chilies if you don't have tabascos, but the tabascos add a smokiness, depth of flavor, and searing heat that cayennes cannot match.
2. I sometimes add 0.25 t of toasted ground fenugreek seeds to the rub, but just because I like the way it smells a little butterscotchy when it grills.
3. If you don't like your meat rare, I would recommend a different recipe.
4. Obviously, since this is an expensive cut of meat that will sit in your refrigerator for over a week and then be eaten very rare, it is of the utmost importance that your beef be hyper-fresh, from a reputable source, and that your refrigerator be very cold.