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There's a hole in the wall place we stop at while coming back from my friend's favorite mining spot.... I was on the road today & thought about stopping there for some bottle caps (fried Jalapenos) but then I was only 1.5 hours from home.

I'm not sure that Barb D has posted her beer batter recipe but I'm about to..

Mixed up the batter, chopped up 6 Jalapenos:

I made some homemade blue cheese dressing - I forgot the buttermilk but I'll take care of that tomorrow.

I hung my TV above the fireplace last week - still not straightened out but........

I find that the trick with beer batter is first to use beer (I used Uinta's Cutthroat Pale Ale for my best although very limited results) and then I find that if I drink 1 beer per 3 minute batch things really turn out well.... put it in for 3 minutes, drink half a beer, flip the battered goodies, drink the 2nd half... dunno what it is but it just seems to work.

Miguel M

My kind of treat!

Same thing happens to me. It works out cuz I'm having fun and stop sweating the little things.


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Must have missed that recipe. Those things look addictive!
They're good :) - the onion rings reheat well from frozen.... I put 2 baggies of these in the freezer I'm sure will be great tomorrow or sometime soon.

Here's Barb's Beer batter recipe - I tried it with water once (fail), and with a pale ale 2-3 times. I've never had luck with battering before this:

And the blue cheese (the ranch is I hate to say just as good - both the blue & ranch are worth trying): ...I've made a few variations of each.

Dwain Pannell

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Great recipe. It reminds me of a bourbon BBQ sauce recipe: taste the bourbon to be sure it's fit to cook with, later in the recipe taste it again to be sure it didn't go bad, etc, etc. LOL

Barb D

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Clint, those look great will have to give a try. I've also put the recipe in side dish recipes for everyone.

Rich Dahl

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lookin good Clint. We're having ribs Sunday maybe I can con Barb into making some ORs for a side:cool:

Luke P

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Those look great. Never thought of slicing the jalapenos like that to fry.

I try to follow that same beer recipe whenever I light up a grill ;)