Boneless rack of lamb on swords



TVWBB Diamond Member
Did you have to trim those? That looks fun.
next time i would trim more of the fat layer off and do a gentle pounding of the meat for a more even thickness across the slab.

overall these were fantastic. seasoned with salt only. the fat rendered some and i was playing firefighter at a few times, thus the recco for keeping your pump sprayer loaded and primed.

cook time was around 15-20 minits total, with a lot of rotating the swords to ensure even cooking across each skewer.

lamb fat crisps up so beautifuly and its super tasty. sorry i didn't grab any done pics. it was late, i worked late and we were super hungry.

pull temp off the grill was 150F across almost all the rounds. this way i ensured the fat was cooked. becuase the meat was very protected by the fat, the meat was tender and flavorful too.

definitely a treat and not a monthly type of cook. very rich in flavor. it would impress your guests if you cooked this for them. we also like the Costco lamb racks and those have much more meat on them. I'll have to do that as lolipops on swords soon, as they do in Brazilian steak houses.

Brian B Atlanta

Man those look good I love the lamb chops from Costco but agree its not a monthly cook for us. I do the same thing on my steaks with chops olive oil salt and pepper nothing else.