Beware of "sales"...


Robert McGee

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Most of you already know this. However, this bears repeating...

I am an Amazon Prime member and have been most happy with it and would recommend it (and have). I bought both of my WSM's from Amazon Prime (with the link from this website so the Forum benefits).

As most know, Amazon is running a bonafide "Prime Day Sale". I was on another grilling web site who mentioned the Amazon sale and there was a link to the Prime Day Sale. I'm not really looking for anything, but was getting low on some minor grilling stuff. I went to the link to look. Here's what I found:

Can you believe this? This is just a gentle reminder to ALWAYS compare shop regardless of what you are buying. It would be real easy to just order up something thinking it is "on sale" to find something like this. I am sure that Amazon would try to help out if someone would make a mistake on something he hadn't checked (but maybe not).

So, again, comparison shop, ALWAYS! Be safe, folks!

Keep on smokin',

Bob Correll

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That's a third party seller, not Amazon.
Not sure how it could have been promoted as a Prime Day sale

Dan C. FL

You guys....I don't see what anyone is complaining about. It says it's organic. Everybody knows that organic stuff is more expensive than the regular kind!!!! :rolleyes:;):p