Best thing I ever did



TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Was to teach my son to BBQ / Cook

FWIW, he's 1,000 time better than I. This is what I came home to, after a long crappy year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second





I had 3rds :)
You obviously did good, Chuck, the boy sure can cook! :) Those ribs look great, and really happy they brought you a bright spot at the end of the week......six in a row is just gravy! :)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend planned, or at least one full of activity that you want to do! :)

Life can be brutal, l have a really tough job, pays well but wipes me out mentally and physically, I think it’s why I love being in the backyard cooking up something.
My kids are young and honestly it will be such a great day when they cook me something better than I could. My oldest really likes a lot of interesting foods, maybe he’ll be my chef.
Hang in there ChuckO looks like a great life from this screen!!