Beef Chuck Short Ribs


Bill Schultz

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Picked up some nice looking BCSR from Costco for dinner and tried it a new way for me tonight.


Seasoned them with Three Little Pigs Cherry after trimming the silver skin and some fat


Got the Bullet ready with some hickory buried in the Stubbs


On for about two hours at 225 - 235 , basted with Apple Juice and Dr.Pepper a few times


I ever tell you guys how much I like this WSM


Tried something new put sliced onions soaked in the baste on the meat for awhile


Made a tray with some apple juice Jack Daniels Bourbon and Brown Sugar sauce, jalapenos, green pepper and some more onion


Meat on the tray with now smoked onion top, foiled and on the WSM till tooth pick done


Fabulous Beer tonight, a creamy smooth Lager which is Poland's number one beer

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Bill what a great looking meal! Only thing I could see wrong was the Jack Bourbon...WoodFords :)

Bill Schultz

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Jeff it was about 6 hours total, start of the coals time, probably 5.5 total with meat on, the last hour I opened up the vents and let the Bullet get up to 300 as we were all waiting to eat. As soon as toothpick went right in it was done
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Morgan C.

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Nice Bill...where the beef ribs tender? I have these same things from Costco in the deep freeze and been struggling with what to do with them!!

Like your method!!

Bill Schultz

TVWBB Hall of Fame
They were pretty good Morgan, tooth pick slid right in, they had a little chew and a great taste. I think next time I am going to go a little less time with the smoke. I think I was a little over two hours maybe 2.5 in the smoke. I am going to foil them next time as soon as I see a decent bark and not go by time. So much surface area so I think that would be better.