Bear sausage


Andy Kaminski

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I recently got invited to go bear hunting.
I’m not much of a hunter and never went for bear but I am going to go to see what’s up with it.
So other than a roast or two I am planning on making sausage.

My Oma used to make sausage in the kitchen and that lady didn’t hold back.
Blood, brains you name it.

I’m not much for wasting food so I plan on using as much of the harvest as I can.
Heart, cheeks, hocks and about everything in between.
Not gonna do blood or brains…just yuck.

Have any of you done this or possibly have any tips?
Thank you.

Scott Smith

I'm not a hunter either but from what I've heard bear meat is not particularly edible. Very, very greasy. I expect that processors would refuse to process it due to the mess. Where I live in NJ, bear hunting is for sport and population control.

Mark Silver

I think it depends on the age of the bear and what the bear has been eating. It needs to be well cleaned, cooled and eaten quickly, no aging. I’ve only had it in chili, meatballs, tacos. To me, I think it’s venison like tasting but sweeter and has more grease.


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I was just in AK and the locals said that bear is kinda gross. They prefer moose and deer and of course, seafood. Haven’t eaten bear but not seeking to, personally. Let us know what you discover.

k walsh

l really enjoy bear meat. The legs can be cured into a fantastic ham. The Meat Eater has some great recipe and charcuterie ideas for bear meat.


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Obviously if they are scavenging around garbage dumps you would want to avoid that meat because of parasites or make sure it's well cooked.
And here I thought this was a post on beer sausage. :D