BBQ lover from Slovenia (Europe) ready to step in to the world of "low and slow"

BBQ lover from Slovenia (Europe) ready to step in to the world of "low and slow"

Hi everyone,

on my trips to the USA I have grown to love BBQ and since it is not that big here in Slovenia I decided to buy a smoker and get right to it! I am about to pick up a WSM 18.5 as I read on the forum that it is a good option for entry level BBQ enthusiasts. I also have a Maverick ET-732 Wireless Barbecue Thermometer in the mail to keep my temperatures on track. I absolutely love the website and the forums and all the great recipes and pictures from you guys really got me hyped up and I cant wait to do my first smoke which should be in about 10 days!

Looking forward to some advice when things don't go as planned and to sharing my experiences with the forum!


Matjaz Kocijancic

Bob Ivey

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Welcome aboard Matjaz. Let us know how we can help and remember, we love pictures. You will convert your friends and family. To quote a very old movie title, it is a "magnificent obsession".

Dwain Pannell

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Welcome aboard Matjaz. I recall going to Slovenia for a vacation when I was stationed in Italy. We stayed at a farm house and went spelunking, horseback riding, and hiking in some beautiful country. Our hosts slaughtered a suckling pig which was wonderfully prepared. We look forward to some Slovenia inspired BBQ ... but remember we like photos!