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George P

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During theses trying times a good deed goes a long way. I was planning on smoking a brisket this weekend and thought about other people in my life that are having a hard time. So I smoked two. When both were done I let mine rest and delivered the other to my uncle and aunt 80+ 30 minutes away. Left it at the front door and called from the driveway to let the know there was something at the front door. He called three times since to thank me. It was no big deal to me but meant the world to him.
Think of others and how you lend a helping hand, as limited as we are now. Everyone needs help now and then. It will be returned.

Rich G

Amen, George, and good on ya! I have increased my bread baking to about six loaves a week, and I give five of these away. Baking is a pleasure for me, and I am happy to see someone's face light up (from a distance) when I deliver a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread. I've also got a couple of friends who have gotten into (or back into) baking their own bread while having a bit of extra home time on their hands, and I have been supplying them with flour (I always have at least 50lbs on hand) since it can be hit/miss (mostly miss) to find it in the store at the moment.

We are doing our best to look out for our friends and neighbors right now, and they are doing the same for us in return. Who knows, maybe we'll see an uptick in basic civility in our society as we support each other.

Thanks for sharing your good deed. I bet your aunt and uncle are as thrilled to have a caring nephew as they are to have the brisket!


Timothy F. Lewis

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These acts are what make us the compassionate people which we need to be right now, good for both of you and I will try to follow suit with some provisions to others who may be in need. I am sorry my sister in law are so far away and having many life hurdles (non Coronavirus related, thank God!) right now.
I think tomorrow will be bread baking day as well as laundry day!


Been trying to do the same. Have a favorite dessert bar that people crave. However my pulled pork is on the want list by many. Now if only I could get supplies. Then the logistics here is difficult. Travel and making sure everyone gets it safe is hard. Still trying. Baked two loaves this week. One without yeast. It did not work. The regular one did. Yeah. I admire you for making bread. I do not have luck with it. Wish i could. I made pizzas for a long time yet until this week my bread was not good. For those out of yeast try maybe beer bread. Anybody here successful with that? If o could get to a time machine, i would have a lang 9,000,000 or a Franklin interstate and cook for millions. Safe

Rich G

Keep at it, Tony! I've been baking bread for about 10 years, now, and many of my first efforts were dubious at best. Sourdough (natural levain) is a major learning curve vs. commercial yeast, but, seriously, if I can do it, you can do it! :) My TVWBB like site for bread is Incredible, helpful community, and a ton to learn from looking through existing posts.

Search for "beer barm" bread, and that should get you going. A "few" years back, bakers frequently used brewer's yeast to make bread, so it's totally do-able. I've got a healthy, natural yeast (aka: sourdough) starter, that I actually propogated from some dried starter that Cliff Bartlett sent me. I've been using it to bake my weekly loaves for quite a while now. Keep at it (assuming you can find flour!) Swing by the Fresh Loaf, they (we) can help! :) Here's today's loaves:


If you have ANY questions, shoot me a PM. If you need a viable starter, try posting on your local next-door to see if a neighbor is willing to share. I've given starter to about a dozen people in the last three weeks.


George Roth

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Just started 18# of pork butt on my WSM. Much of it will go to neighbors. BTW it is running at 221 and meat at 77 right now. Went in at 7 p.m. it is now 8:23. Minion method with two full chimneys of Kingsford.