Basic stuffed pork loin

My go to is spinach, roasted red peppers and provolone with the usual seasonings. I like to use up leftover Thanksgiving stuffing and cranberry sauce in a pork loin as well. Sometimes I use the rotisserie, other times indirect.

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Couple more from earlier this year. These are a great cook for large groups because you can prep the day before. If I do prep earlier, I don’t season the inside and I wait to season the outside till I’m ready to cook. These were cooked a little slower with more smoke.

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Nothing basic looking with those loins. Those look amazing, definitely going to give that a try. I usually just marinade loins before grilling, next time marinade and stuff. Thanks for the great idea. 🍻
Those are some great looking stuffed pork loins and flank. Thanks for sharing!

My go to for stuffed pork loin is thin sliced pepperoni, Swiss cheese and dill pickles.



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