Barbecue smoked beef oxtail and wings


Daniele Faresin

New member
barbecue is a wonderful technique to cook hard cuts of meat.
After cooking the meat become very juicy with a fantastic flavour.
I love it. And I love pulled smoked beef oxtail.
Here in a sandwich with coleslaw and vinegar barbecue sauce.
Together I made appetizer with apple wood smoked wings.





Enjoy ;)
Daniele. I love oxtails. That looks fantastic. Complimenti.
Can you please give details on the cook? Prep, rub, temps/time etc?
So, external light trimming. No injections.
Simple rub with salt, pepper, garlic powder and sweet paprika powder.
Cooked on ot 22,5 at 250F with waterpan and hickory smoke until internal temperature has reached 160F and bark created.
After, I put it in foil with apple vinegar until was tender to pull with fork.
3 hours for first part and 5 about for the second.
Daniele that is a wonderful cook! I have never tried this cut. Also the bread you served it on looks delicious! Different from the white bread mass produced buns that I typically use. Thank you for sharing!
Never had oxtail but that sure looks delicious. I'd take a plate of that any time, thanks for sharing.