Balsamic 'Chops' and Chicken



TVWBB Olympian
Boneless loin 'chops' and boneless, skinless chicken breast (not marinated together). Marinated in a mix of balsamic vinegar, EVOO, whole grain dijon, honey, S&P, fresh garlic, rosemary and thyme. A little broccolini and some store bought potato gratin on the side.




Rich G

TVWBB Diamond Member
Looks delicious, Jim! You guys are eatin' good over there! I took a cue from your burgers and made myself a 5oz chorizo burger with cheese and jalapeños tonight. No grill, so no pic. Thanks for the inspiration!


Michael Richards

That chop looks great. Between this and Brett's Asian inspired pork, I am starting to really want some grilled pork. I just pulled out a tenderloin that is supposed to be for for Ramen Noodles on Friday, but I may have to cut a medallion or two off for Thursday night's grilling session.
Oh and the asparagus from last night and the broccoli from tonight alone make me want to stop by for dinner.
How has the first two days of school been for your kids?