Automated Temperature Control - Stoker Setup

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Greg C

TVWBB Member
This is next on my list of goodies. What setup i.e. Number of pits, number of foods, etc. do you have?

What do you like about the setup / unit?

What would you do different (in terms of setup)?

My wife throws my quote back ("that the WSM is awesome at maintaining solid temps. for long periods of time") at me as a reason why I do not need a Stoker. What would be a good counter argument to this beyond the "I want it. I need it!" one I currently employ

We enjoy rooting for you and feel a sense of pride when they show the WSM chugging on the show by the way! Good luck!

Harry Soo

I have the Stoker Octopus since I do R&D for John of Rocks BBQ Systems. With it, I can connect one stoker to a dozen pits, probes, etc.
I like the Stoker because it's extremely reliable and accurate. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I'm still using my first original unit from 2008
I don't do anything different if I'm not using my Stoker
You can tell your missus that the WSM is good for about 3-4 hours but after that, you have to fiddle the vents. When you're doing comps, you need your beauty sleep so you'll look good when you receive your GC trophy. So since she doesn't want your photo op in the KCBS Bullsheet to show you haggard from not sleeping, she should let you purchase the Stoker which will be the best investment you've made next to buying your WSM. Please send me a tip for this wonderful piece . . . thank you. applause!
The other way is to cook her dinner, give her a massage, and whisper in her ear,"I want it. I need it!"