Auber or BBQ Guru Blower Fan

Troy Gamm

I am making an HM for a gift and I am torn between which of the two blowers to get. The Auber is nice in that it is a little less expensive option and has a built it damper that closes off the air when the fan doesn't run but I like the BBQ Guru's system of mounting the fan to the adapter plate better. It seems like it is a little more solid solution but from what I can tell it only has an adjustable damper that doesn't close automatically when the fan isn't running.

My real question is how much of a difference would the lack of a closing damper make on a Lg BGE. I think he runs his probe leads under the lid so it doesn't make a perfect seal anyway. If it is not too much of a difference then I will probably go with the BBQ Guru.

Just looking for advice.

FWIW, The mounting mechanism the Auber uses, when combined with the gasket is perfect in my opinion. You'd be hard pressed to accidentally dislodge it during normal operation.

Tom Kole

I use the auber on my large BGE and love it. I can't tell you quantitatively how much the damper matters because I've never tried any other fan, however, I do know that because the BGE is so thermally efficient, once you hit bbq temps (225-250 ish) the fan is running very infrequently to maintain temp. The top vent needs to be closed enough so that only a toothpick could fit through so I would imagine that the fan damper plays a very significant role.