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I am on the fence whether to get the pitmasteriq 110 or the auber instruments atc for my wsm 18" . My primary purpose would be for the long cooks such shoulders or brisket. The wsm has been pretty dead on for 4-6 hours with manual adjustment, I just would like something for those really long smokes.


I use a Party Q on my 18" most of the time. I do have an Auber Instruments and it works well, and has the advantage of having its own alarms.
Take a look at the QMaster Senior kit on ebay.
here's the link
I decided to wait, save up a little more and purchase the flameboss 200 wifi. I So far I love my only negative was the device came with wireless g and for the cost I know I could have gotten a HM with wireless n. Also the cloud monitoring cooks is very cool.


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