Assembly Questions


Robert Burditt

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I'm most of the way through building my first HM4.0 and have a couple of questions. First, I was about to put together the button and button height, but the square cap that I ordered has a center piece inside of it that doesn't allow me to push it over the switch. Did I order the right thing or am I missing something obvious?

Cap Picture

Secondly, I've already soldered the power and blower jacks to my board and need to change to panel mount jacks. Since I'm not very skilled at de-soldering, I thought that I would just solder wires from the the corresponding legs on the jacks over to the panel mount jacks or even use the existing J4 for the blower. If I've already soldered the blower jack in place, can I still use J4 as a connection? If J4 is only 2 wires, how do I know which of the 3 legs on the new jack to connect it to? Same question for the Power. Since there isn't another set of contacts/holes, which of the 3 legs will I connect a wire to? I thought about just plugging in a cable and cutting it off but I don't have room for that in the box. Does all of this make sense?


Bryan Mayland

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Yeah the square cap has a post in the middle that makes it not fit right. The company that makes the switch doesn't make square caps so they're from a different manufacturer and that company makes all their caps with center posts. All you have to do is cut the center post out and it snaps onto the button securely. Or you can drill a hole through the button to receive the cap.

You can solder as many jacks on in addition as you want as long as only one is plugged in at a time. To determine which pins go to which, it depends on what panel mount kajiggers you got. The blower jack, the 12V goes to the "tip" connection and the other goes to the "shield". If it has 3 pins then one is usually one that is shorted to another when something isn't inserted, so use the other 2. The power connector, the "tip" connection is the one on the far end of the connector from where you insert the plug, and the "shield" is the one that comes out the bottom of the connector.