Anyone have any pics of DIY Hanging Rack for 18" or 22"


Mike in Sacramento

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It looks like the Weber hanging rack (#7472) for my 18" is no longer available from Weber or Amazon, so I'm thinking of making my own. There are a few posts here of people with a DIY hanger, but photobucket is blocking those pics. Does anyone have an pics they can share? If you've got a good pic of one from a 22", that will work too, as I'll make the adjustments. I just need some design ideas. Thanks.


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You can buy the Gateway 55 gal drum rack for the 22 or the 30 gal rack for the 18. Of course if you like to fabricate you can copy the design too. It’s pretty simple.


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Mike in Sacramento

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Thank you everyone for the replies. After much research and considering making my own - cutting/modifying a grate, using a chicken wing/drumstick hanger, fabricating (I don't weld), and being unable to find the Weber 7472 hanger, I went ahead and ordered the Gateway 30 gal hanger. Kinda pricey at $45 + $16.50 shipping, but I'm looking forward to it! Can't wait to try chicken and ribs on it!