Any old Timers still around?


Steve Whiting

TVWBB All-Star
I registered to this awesome forum when I was a newbie to outdoor cooking back around the 2007-2008. At the time we had a lot of very experienced members and I really learned a lot from them. Just wondering who is still around from lets say 2012 or before.

Lynn Dollar

TVWBB Emerald Member
Well, I've been around since 2002. I bought my first WSM after finding this site. But I did not register to post, or I think I may have registered but it was under some internet user name that I long forgotten. I followed discussions and learned, but was content to be a lurker. In those days, time was an issue.

John F Ford

I found this forum in 2002, when I was contemplating buying a wsm. Someone at a kcbs contest I was judging was cooking on a wsm and referred me to it. No regrets.

Rich G

TVWBB Honor Circle
Still here, joined in the middle of '02. Minion, Kruger, Taylor, Henry Joe, Rocket Man (Rick Moen), and many more .......all active contributors at the time that haven't been seen here in a while (Mr. Kruger every now and then.)

The coolest thing about this place that Chris created is that even with all of the turn over of members over the years, it's still the best place to engage with like minded bbq fanatics without any of the drama that can and does occur at other sites. Lots of people have come and gone, but the knowledge shared here is still top notch!

If I hadn't found this place in '02, I might have given up trying to make ribs! :)



I found TVWB in 2010 just after getting a WSM 18 for Fathers Day. But for some reason I did not register on the Bulletin Board until 2017.
Love this place, the people, and all it has to offer.

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I was lurking since about '08 what made me join was when the mini smokers were being built using a smoky joe top and bottom with a modified stock pot in between. I built one and was using it a lot until I got my WSM18. I joined in '12. Been on here almost every day since joining.