Any leeway to adjust spell check?


Rich G

TVWBB Honor Circle
@Chris Allingham, do you have any leeway to make "local" modifications to the dictionary used for spell check? It would be cool if tri tip didn't get changed to try tip, or picanha to piranha! :)

Just musing, not like editing is hard, but these are the silly things my mind comes up with. :)


Chris Allingham

Staff member
To the best of my knowledge, there is no auto correct feature in Xenforo. It's a feature of your smartphone or maybe your browser if not using a smartphone.

J Grotz

TVWBB Wizard
Rich, from Apple:

Add words to the spelling dictionary​

When Pages, Numbers, or Keynote detects a word it doesn’t recognize, it underlines the word with a dotted red line. You can add the word to the dictionary on your device used by iWork and other apps so that it recognizes the word and includes it in spell check:
  • On iPad or iPhone, tap the underlined word, then tap Learn Spelling (you may need to tap Replace first).
  • On Mac, Control-click the word, then choose Learn Spelling.
In Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on Mac, you can also choose Ignore Spelling if you no longer want that app to mark this word as misspelled. To add, edit, or remove the words in your iWork app's Ignored Words list, choose Pages > Preferences, choose Auto-Correction, then click Ignored Words. Click the add button (+) or the remove button (-) to add or remove words. Or click on a word to edit its spelling.
Published Date: April 01, 2020