Another Win For Team Stoker!


Vincent Carrocci

TVWBB Super Fan
We have been using a Stoker system to control the temps in our WSMs for many years now when we compete and we are always happy to give thanks to Rock's Bar-B-Que for the great performance that The Stoker provides and this weekend was no exception.

Rhythm 'n QUE chalked up our 23rd career Grand Championship this past weekend at a KCBS event in Coalville, UT and our pit temperatures were as rock solid as ever.

We are very happy to be a member of Team Stoker along with many other competition teams across the country!
Congratulations Vincent! It is especially impressive that you are winning using the WSM's. I looked into competitive BBQ here in central Iowa, and it appears most of the teams use much more sophisticated equipment. Most are using FEC-100 (?) pellet smokers that are incredibly consistent when it comes to temperature, smoke levels, etc. Seems it would be difficult to compete with that level of equipment, but you are obviously doing so.

Congrats again!
Congratulations. That is an impressive resume