Ancient Heater Meater Unit... need parts


Butch Taylor

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I have an older heater meter that has manually done me well over the past few years. However... the pit temperature lead has finally given up the ghost and I am on the hunt for parts. I have zero idea what version unit I have.... but I am going to post a couple pics for you all to scope out to get some feedback on that.

I am looking for the Pit Probe lead and a couple meat temp probes. Also, I would love to get the android smart phone wifi and HP computer interface working. Gonna have to start from scratch on that one as I am 100% certain I have screwed up the software on the dongle and SD card.

Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think...

Thanking you in advance for your patience and help in getting back on the smoke!

Butch Taylor


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My guess is you have HMv4.24 because it has a thermocouple pit probe and one button control.

Is your problem with the connector on the HM device or the connector on the probe? If the thermocouple probe end is your problem you might try taking it apart, the leads sometimes get twisted and short out inside the connector. You may be able to fix it if you open it up and take a look at what is going on. Keep note of the polarity of the wires if you disconnect them.

I am partial to thermoworks food probes, for the pit probe you can try any type-k thermocouple with the mini connector, If you think the thermocouple connector is your issue you can get new type-k mini thermocouple connectors at Mouser, digikey, or amazon has them too.