Amazing Rib review of Weber pellet grill

Lew Newby

TVWBB All-Star
The "Flavorizer Bars" sure make the inside look different than my Camp Chef and the Rec Tec. If the controller works to Weber standards they have a winner. The design is a major change from most pellet grills on the market. I loved the picture of the searing steaks. My pellet pooper won't do that.

Tom Chilton

Actually, it says you can pre-order on Cyber-Monday. "Although SmokeFire will not ship until 2020, you can pre-order starting Cyber Monday, December 2 on Amazon, Weber, and Lowe's websites. Weber says some type of stocking stuffer card or certificate will be issued with pre-orders."

I don't usually get the first iteration of technology things, so the early adopters can be the guinea pigs and I'll get the 2.0 version with the bugs worked out. I don't think I can wait for this though. A pellet grill from Weber, with their high standard of quality products and customer service has got to be a winner. I had a pellet cooker (Fast Eddie) back when I was competing and catering, and it was great. I can't wait to get this one.


TVWBB Olympian
Bruno, we expect detailed and regular updates and reviews from purchase day through this next summer.