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Mine quit working on the food side, well, just won't stay on, as it will quit recording, start it back up, lasts 3 seconds to an hour, then quits again. Not the probe as I can switch to the other side and it works fine, which leaves me without a grill, what's best alternative as I will not buy another Mav, especially since they were not helpful at all.....even told me to make sure it was firmly pushed into the transmitter.....yea, it just quits and pushes itself out all by it's little ole self. I can hold it pushed in with force and it does not work...................too expensive to last this short of time.................Started acting up within six months of purchase, well outside the wonderful 90 day warranty, which should have told me something right away...

Alternatives that are better?...................................d

Rich Dahl

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Not much out there in the Mavericks price range. Why I don't know, if they had some decent completion maybe they would make a better product. I've had my 732 for about a year and it's still working fine, but reading what other forum members have posted it sure seems like a hit or miss with the Mavericks.

Rick Body

I have the thermoworks 8060 and the thermapen that Joe mentioned and I love them. The 8060 has several different probe options including a heavy duty high heat meat probe.

And you cant beat the thermapen IMHO.


I have the thermopen, but was unaware of a "like" mav product. My mav works fine except for the meat probe, so I wind up plugging it into the grill side and just check the grill ever so often by I said, too expensive to act like this with poor customer service that I experienced on top of that poor 90 day warranty..........................d

J E Rice

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Just for info.......I bought a Polder temp probe bout 11yrs ago from Radio Shack I think, remove the AA batt when not in use, has never let me down, only 2deg off at boiling temp.

Dustin Dorsey

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My Maverick is a workhorse. I've had to replace the probes a few times. My dumbest moment was trying to do the boiling water test and noticing the probe wire was in my stove burner flame! Typically, the probes are the problem with these units and they get a ton of returns due to people not plugging them in properly so that's probably why they ask that.

I own the 732 and the 73 and I keep them in the same place. The 73 is backup. The probes are NOT compatible. I put the 73 probe in the 732 by mistake and got a reading that was about 150 degrees too high.

Craig Alumbaugh

I have had my Maverick ET-73 for about 5 years now and it still works fine and I leave the batteries in and have had no problems. Cant beat the price of $49.