Alternative Replacement Cover

Peter T

New member
After several years of UV and severe winter exposure my original WSM 22 cover was cracking and peeling. So earlier this year I replaced it with an alternative I found on Amazon.

Having used it now for over 6 months I can strongly recommend it. It is slightly larger than the Weber cover which makes it easier to put on and more so if you have any modifications to the handles, added a hinge to the lid, or other bits sticking out. It is also longer so it goes down within inches of the ground, giving extra protection for those in snow-bound climates like myself who have to worry about getting moisture into the fire bowl.

The other benefit is the cover has vents. I had two bad mold infestations during our humid summers with the original cover if I was not careful of cleaning the water pan to be spotless and checking the bottom of the WSM for any standing water caused from condensation if I didn't use the smoker for a few weeks. The vents in this cover have prevented any condensation problems from happening again.

Phil S

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I got 7 years out of my first one and just replaced it with the same cover in Nov. They're VERY well made and priced right.

Dustin Dorsey

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I kind of screwed up an bought that same brand but a different style from my kettle and gasser and then found out they didn't make that for the WSM 22.5. The ones I have have worked great. I almost bought the one you linked but I picked up the new thinner Weber style one and I like it a lot.